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 Prevent Abrasive Boat/Dock Contact

Boat docking equipment that prevents abrasive boat dock contact

* video taken during testing phase of initial prototype

Our patented Boat Dock Mooring System (BDMS) is a quick installing small craft docking device, designed to prevent boat/dock contact, while automatically adjusting for variations in wind, tide, and wake conditions; eliminating the need for dock line adjustments once secured! Manage your day to day docking routine and ride out the inclement weather from the safety of your home, while the BDMS automatically adjusts to compensate for changing conditions. Confidence in your boat mooring routine is about to improve dramatically! Enjoy our page!  We are a small business with big ideas! 

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Protect your boat from damaging dock contact           with our boat docking equipment!

The Boat Dock Mooring System protects your boat from damaging contact with the dock; maintaining a safe distance during fluctuating wind, tide & wake conditions. Video above depicts our 25 foot Sea Fox under windy conditions on our Barnegat, NJ lagoon.


Boat owners are a proud bunch, and they know docking securely requires a reliable mooring technique that withstands a range of weather, tide, and wake conditions.  


The Boat Dock Mooring System

  • is designed to adjust automatically to fluctuating tides and wind

  • prevents abrasive, damaging contact with the dock

  • provides stability while embarking/disembarking

  • reduces line and cleat strain

  • is made of durable, UV/weather resistant materials

  • reduces wake and current stress in high traffic areas

  • reduces the need for manual adjustments during changing conditions

  • is designed with rubber end caps for added contact protection

  • is proudly made & patented in the USA

Our boat docking device is preventing abrasive boat dock contact

Our 25 foot Sea Fox maintaining distance from our lagoon dock in Barnegat, NJ - preventing damaging contact as conditions change!

Boat Dock Mooring System vs mooring whips

Lagoon footage from the 2020 New Jersey Derecho captured on our security camera as winds picked up unexpectedly. Our patented boat docking system performed very well with our 25 foot Sea Fox!

Our BDMS prototype functioning effectively at our Barnegat, NJ dock!
Boat Dock Mooring System
protection from abrasive dock damage
boat mooring equipment

Picture 1:  Fully retracted pulling

 boat toward dock, while maintaining a protective distance to prevent abrasive dock contact.

Picture 2:  Wind pushing boat activating internal mechanism,  helping to reduce stress on the boat cleat.

Picture 3:  Fully extended against extra line, before gently pulling the boat back to the dock.

How can I set up the Boat Dock Mooring System for maximum boat protection?

Boat Dock Mooring System

Visit gallery for convenient short term docking tie up demo

Product Description:

The Boat Dock Mooring System comes in a standard 40" length.  

The device is sold in pairs and comes in red or blue.


Patented System Includes: Two BDMS devices, with integrated 15 foot mooring lines,

and replaceable rubber end caps to protect your system for years to come!

Our Boat Dock Mooring System 

is a game changer for small crafts. Reducing the need to manually adjust lines

to accommodate variations in wind, tide, and wake conditions!  The system

             does the work for you, preventing abrasive boat/dock contact!  


Join the BDMS family today, and dock with confidence!

The BDMS Team

boat docking system preventing damaging contact with the dock

BDMS Product Intro

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