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Questions from our site visitors-

1-Does the BDMS work effectively on larger boats?​

   We have been using this system successfully for years with our 25ft Sea Fox docked at our Barnegat, NJ lagoon            property, and would recommend our product for similar applications up to that size .


   If you are docking a larger craft, under 30 feet, we are happy to discuss your specs & setup; simply reach out

   using our contact form, or email us at prior to purchasing.



2 - Does cleat size & placement matter?

   The standard 40" BDMS works effectively when attached to a boat side cleat near the aft position, as well as

   a boat side cleat located towards the front prior to narrowing, as depicted in our photos and videos.

   Dock cleats (we use 9" cast aluminum S-cleats) secured to piling locations best suited to your boat allow for the best    range and mobility for your specific conditions. Refer to our Mooring Guide page for recommendations on dock          cleat installation.

3- How does the BDMS protect my boat?

    The system is designed to adjust automatically to variations in wind, tide, and wake conditions, maintaining

    a protective distance between your boat and dock.  The opportunity to do this without having to make

    manual adjustments to your lines is a game changer during your absence, and very importantly, during 

    inclement weather conditions, bringing added confidence to your mooring routine when you

    are unable to monitor your boat firsthand. These very circumstances led to its design!

4- Is the BDMS designed to work as the sole mooring equipment at my dock?

     NO - The Boat Dock Mooring System is designed to work in tandem with your current tie-up routine, aiding in the         prevention of abrasive dock contact and assisting in the management of wind, tide, and wake impacts while                 docked. The use of additional stabilizing marine ropes and cleats (not included with purchase) is required, as              presented in the example setup diagrams provided on our Mooring Guide page and within our packing                          documents.


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