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Boat Dock Mooring System Welcome!

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

We are passionate about boat protection - there, we said it!

We are constantly reminded of the blessing that life on the water has been for our family. Countless hours of quality time has been spent over the years, enjoying sun filled, salty days on the Barnegat Bay. From the start we invested in every element of protection for our family, boat, and dock, as all three need continuous attention to safety and preservation. We initially spent hours filled with angst over the fact that our boat was docked behind our Jersey shore home, while we spent days away from it. We spared no expense to infuse our docking routine with the best available gear. The classic whips quickly became frustrating, requiring adjustments following daily high tides that rendered them useless as the SW winds pinned the boat against our dock, causing abrasion that becomes apparent as a result of insistent daily fluctuations in wind, tide, and wake conditions. We needed a better answer, and as our BDMS About Us page indicates, we knew we needed a system that provided more confidence while being away for a duration and automatic weather management we could rely on. We've never looked back since designing the BDMS in 2011, and recently determined that it was an idea that needed to be shared, thus embarking on a U.S. Patent journey and building a website to help get the word of this great experience we have been having out there to the folks that will benefit most - our fellow boating enthusiasts. We'd even take it a step further, and state we are passionate about all things boating! We enjoy the nautical conversations surrounding boat life via with our devoted community and truly appreciate you being here!


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